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Friday, July 30, 2021

On the Road Friday ~ Northern Wisconsin State Fair, Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

 It is Friday and it is time for.. On the Road Friday!

July 9th, Jeremy and I decided to visit the Northern Wisconsin State Fair. We had not been to the fair since 2016. We enjoyed several shows. A comedy routine, several bands and dancers. We also enjoyed seeing the animals, eating some fun fair food and we even went up in the sky.

Here we go to the fair!


I always love seeing the cows getting all pampered and ready for the show.



I fell in love with these Miniature Hereford Cattle. They were cute and gentle. 



My sister has this breed of chicken. My sister's hen is named Millie, I sent her this photo to share that Millie's friends where at the fair.



Keeping the sheep clean for the show, with these pretty outfits.

 Styling Sheep!



Another shot of my favorite, the Hereford.


Brown Swiss.. another reminder of my sister, she loves Brown Swiss cows.


It is time to eat! There were so many food trucks. It was really difficult to decided. We decided on Island Vibe~Caribbean Food. 



Monkeys at the fair!



And Up we Go!



Our boys apartment is that away. 

We had a fun day at the fair. We enjoyed a bag of kettle corn and blackberry ice tea too.

Thank you for coming along today!


  1. What a fun time at the fair Carla! I haven't been to the fair in a long time. Those cows sure are handsome. And the sheep are such sweet animals. Love those little outfits they're wearing to stay clean. Your meal of Caribbean food looks delicious. And how fun you went on the ferris wheel! It's always a bit scary when we reach the top and look down. So glad you visited the fair, Carla. Good times and great memories you will have to look back on.


  2. Thanks for taking us along Carla. What a fun fair. My daughter lives in rural Illinois and their fair is at the end of August. They will have the cows, sheep, chickens etc. I cannot wait to go. Happy Friday. Have a great weekend. xoxo

  3. Oh what fun! I haven't been to the fair in years but always loved going in NC! And monkeys...how neat is that! Love seeing your view from 'the sky'!

  4. Oh my, looks like such a fun time. So glad you went! The pictures are so sweet.

  5. I lOVE this post!! This year we aren't going to the fairs, because Covid is so bad around here. And there's one going on right now, darn the luck! So now I can go woth YOU! You snapped a perfect variety of fair activities. My favorites are the mini cattle, and the dressed up sheep. And the food...now i'm hungry!

  6. How fun to go to the fair with your son. I haven't been to the fair in years.

    I used to go view all the flowers, veggies, and quilts and of course, the cows. My favorite ride was the bumper cars, I'd go on with the kids. I was always tempted to join the competition but was never competitive enough to even bother.

    Enjoy the weekend. Hugs

  7. Thank YOU!!!! for taking us. With the variant rearing its terrifying head....we may miss the county fair again....

  8. Ahhhhh, a Day At The Fair!!!

    We had a a short Fair this year too!

    But we don't attend.

    Hooray for you, and for the fun you had.

    🌞 😊 🌞 😊 🌞

  9. You were so brave to go on the Ferris Wheel. I don't have the guts and fear heights exceedingly! What a fun day at the fair. The sheep in their pj's was just the cutest sight!

  10. Looks like fun! It's been so long since I've been to a state fair. Occasionally, I get an urge to attend the Wisconsin State Fair in Milwaukee (West Allis). But I think I'll wait until COVID is more under control, even though most of the activity is outdoors and I'm vaccinated.

  11. I haven't been to a fair in forever. The chickens are so fluffy and pretty. Your sister is lucky to have one! Thanks for sharing your fun day with us!

  12. Both my grandparents had Holsteins. Love those Brown Swiss. Gosh I cannot remember the last time I went to the fair. Use to take my kids all of the time. Even loved seeing the Demolition Derby. Glad you had fun! Janice

  13. I've not got a good head for heights, but loved the view from high up on the wheel :)
    Pleased you enjoyed your time at the fair.

    All the best Jan

  14. So. I came here looking for your fish pond post to share with a reader and saw cows! How did I miss this fun day? There's nothing like a fair in summer, but that ferris wheel picture makes me weak in the knees! Brave girl!

  15. So. I came here looking for your fish pond post to share with a reader and saw cows! How did I miss this fun day? There's nothing like a fair in summer, but that ferris wheel picture makes me weak in the knees! Brave girl!

  16. So much fun! And Caribbean food? Yum! That has been on my list of places to go for a couple years now.... If weather permits, we will be going to a truck show there next weekend so we can at least see the grounds! And... some cool trucks!

  17. Oooh what a fun day! You're brave getting on that ferris wheel. I'm sure you waved at the boys! Kettle corn and blackberry iced tea sounds so good!


High Fives from Wisconsin!