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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

4-H Camp 2010

Last Year I went to 4-H camp as a chaperon. It was my first year. I wanted to go to see what it was all about, help the kids and Sam asked if I would go as a chaperon. (I love that he asked me)

KP duty!
The kids all have to help keep the camp clean, help with dishes and other chores.
Learning new things.
That is me, wearing the hat, on the last day, of last years camp.
I am going again. This time to help out with the canoe program. The camp is located in Bruce, Wisconsin. Not far from home...on the Chippewa River. It is beautiful canoing. I had a blast on our canoe trip last year. Sam and Atticus are going with. I will be back with the adventures of 4-H camp. (I hope)

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