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Monday, July 18, 2011

Barron County Fair 2011

Barron County Fair

Sam and Atticus did really well at the Barron County Fair. They are in 4-H and have been taking projects to the fair for several years. This year Sam made a Lego table for his woodworking project. He received a blue ribbon. He also competed in the shooting sports and received a 78 on his target score for Air Rifle. He received the blue ribbon. He also entered some drawings, photography and Lego creations.
Atticus entered three different drawings, pencil, pastel and charcoal. He placed 1st on all of his drawings. He also took some Lego creations and scored a red  in Air Rifle.
We love looking at all the animals. I will have some more photos of animals posted this week.
A ride I can handle! My sister came Thursday - Saturday to visit. We went to the fair Thursday. The boys love to have company stay with us. They enjoyed showing her around.

"See Ya Next Year Fair"
Atticus yelled that out yesterday. We picked up our projects and will start to plan for next year. Sam is thinking we will be taking our rabbit Rex!

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