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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Jay Cooke Park - Minnesota

Jay Cooke Park
We visited Jay Cooke Park for the first time in June. Good thing we did, because all state parks closed up in Minnesota for a few weeks. Now that our neighbors to the west are back in business, I thought it safe to write about Jay Cooke. :-)
Jay Cooke is a beautiful park. It is very busy!!! Beware of that. If you enjoy having nature to your self, you will do a lot of sharing at this State Park!

We loved the swing bridge. 
It moves and makes funny noise as you walk across, our Boston Terrier did not like crossing the bridge.
Beautiful Falls
Amazing River!
We hiked the River Trail. It was amazing. The river changed each step of the way. Fast water to slow water. Big rocks to little rocks. Waterfalls to fishing holes.

We had a great time exploring. We recommend Jay Cooke Park.

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