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Saturday, July 9, 2011

History of Ukraine - part 1

I will post a few You Tubes to watch, to let you learn some of the history of Ukraine. Communism, the desire to be free, WWII,  poverty, government corruption, and  Chernobyl are just a few things to consider to understand the Ukrainian people. 
The kids we worked with had several abnormalities. Crossed eyes, funny ears, mouths or simply slow. Our translator, Natasha has thyroid cancer. She explained to me how her family stayed after Chernobyl. She lived in Kiev, they had no idea how dangerous it was,  she was seven. She was very ill, she had to rest often during our time with her. She loved helping us and learning all she could to be American. She asked me " Why do you have brown hair? Don't you want blond hair, like Hollywood?"  Her dream was to live in California, United States of America!  She had no idea where Wisconsin was. I had taken pictures of my family, and a map of the United States. She could not believe we had snow! (I had a photo of my little boys by a snowman) She begged me to keep in touch...I tried...I received one letter back from her. When I first came back I wrote often, now I send a Christmas card. 

Her dream is what I think of the most...to live in California, United States of America. If I could have gotten her to the United States...I would not have let her live in California. :-) 
She had brown hair...I told her to be proud of it...she asked me several times if she should dye it, to be more American. 
Eye opening! More to come!

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