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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Painting Project

My project painting a red rocking chair and a blue bench. Both of these where going to be tossed in the dumpster. I grabbed them - I knew with some paint and TLC...they would look great in my house!
I stepped inside to get a drink.

Mmmm. look  who was up to mischief.
Who Me? I am innocent.
Max was so mad at himself for jumping on my wet paint. He licked himself over and over.
Curiosity...teaches the cat?


  1. Very funny. Did you ever see the old Disney Movie, "That Darn Cat?" I don't care for the title, but it's a really cute movie starring Hayley Mills and Dean Jones. There's a scene where the cat tracks ink all over the bathroom. Guess sometimes those things happen in real life.

  2. Cute little paw prints on the deck. :-) I like that much better than the look of a paint puddle that comes from tipping over the whole can of paint!

    Nice paint job. Inspires me to drag out those old (as in vintage!) metal lawn chairs and get busy!


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