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Friday, April 17, 2020

On the Road Friday ~ Hayward, Wisconsin

I took a little trip to Hayward, Wisconsin in February. 
I met up with my mom.
We did some thrifting.
And my mom took me to her favorite candy store.

 What I found thrifting...

 I found this unique puzzle.
1976 George Gorvicki Wisconsin Puzzle
I paid .50 cents for the puzzle.
Just out of curiosity I found that our puzzle was selling for $30.00 on Ebay.

For .75 cents I purchased this flower press. 
 I fell head over heels for the picture on the front of the press. I just loved those bunnies.
The press was made in England.

When I came home I took the press apart to find that flowers were inside.
They had been in the press for a long time. 
I  thought that was an extra fun little treasure to find.

 For .50 cents I found this spring wreath, which is currently hanging in our entry.

Tremblay's is a well known candy store in Wisconsin.
They do have fantastic fudge.

A few more treats from Tremblay's

 My mom's favorite candy store in Hayward, Wisconsin is Lynne Marie's.
Click the link below to learn more about Lynne Marie's.

 I purchased my husband some Pecan Clusters for Valentine's Day.

Lynne Marie's also had these fun red raspberry and black raspberry gummies. 

 I purchased some for our family and for a friend who has a Valentine birthday. They just said summer to me, and this friend loves summer.

Thank you for coming along with me to Hayward, Wisconsin.


  1. What a nice little trip! I love that flower press and you'll put it to good use. I have a small vase of flowers drying right now....I thought of you when I decided to dry them. Love that puzzle too. Take care today! Hugs!

  2. That looks like a fun puzzle. The flower press will get good use I'm sure. What fun to find some dried flowers inside. The fudge gets my mouth watering.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. The fruit looks delicious. I'm glad you got out. I'm not going anywhere these days. The candy looks awesome. I have been to Hayward, WI. Of course that was like over 40 years ago. Our friends would go every summer with family and we joined them one year.

  4. what a fun and productive trip! I love everything you got, especially the puzzle and the wreath! The candy looks so yummy.

  5. Thrifting and candy with your mom?? It sounds like a lovely day.

  6. Yum! That fudge I bet is delish. Love that you got that great puzzle. The flower press is perfect for you too. Happy Saturday.

  7. I love the flower press! so much better than using pages in a book. lol Great puzzle, especially for the price! How is the weather over on your side of the big lake? It's really windy over here today. Enjoy your day. Debbie

  8. Never have been through or to Hayward, but know of it and many who adore it.
    love the map
    I can attest to Paul Bunyon and wild rice and fudge fudge fudge.

  9. I love the puzzle! So fun!
    My kids are really missing going to the thrift store. That's one of their favorite things to do.
    (I'm really missing it because a bunch of them need new shoes!)

  10. What a perfect day! I've never been to Hayward, but hope to visit sometime soon!

  11. I love the things you found. Bunnies are so cute, and how perfect, a flower press for you. :)


High Fives from Wisconsin!