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Friday, April 3, 2020

Recipe ~ Star Starter and other news...

All Purpose Breakfast Batter
The following recipe is from Martha Stewart.
I used it to make Baked Doughnuts and Raspberry Muffins, 
both recipes received thumbs up from my son, Atticus. 

 On to other news..

2020 was going to be my first year attending the Garden Bloggers Fling.
It has been canceled. 
The good news is Madison will be able to host the event in 2021.

The Madison Fling is officially postponed to 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Seattle/Puget Sound committee has graciously offered to reschedule their Fling to 2022.
So, our new dates are Thursday, June 24, through Sunday, June 27, 2021Many aspects of our itinerary will change, but many will be similar. We'll take a break from planning for the time being. 
Stay tuned for more updates—here and on our Garden Bloggers Facebook Page

And on to other news..

Our Wisconsin National Guard Son, has been deployed to help in Dane County/Madison.
Praying for all on the frontlines, medical, delivery people, cashiers, associates, postal workers and our truckers.. who are getting supplies to where they need to be and helping get supplies to our local stores to restock our shelves. 

Thank You

Stay Safe my friends.
Love, Carla


  1. I am so sorry. How many near you have the virus? Be very careful!

  2. It has been quite an eye opening few weeks. Please stay safe and healthy. I thank God for all those who are out there taking care of things. Your recipe was quite versatile. Thanks for sharing.

  3. So many things being cancelled but it's the right thing to do at the moment. You must be very proud of your son but also anxious. I hope you all stay safe and well during this difficult time.

  4. Let's pray and hope if we all stay the course this virus will weaken and eventually be gone. I am praying for Sam and all of those on the line of fire. May they all be safe. Stay well sweet friend. Just think at the end of the month we will be seeing our flowers and renewal again.

  5. I'd never heard of the Fling! I'll have to check it out!
    (Beautiful tulip bouquet, by the way. Tulips are my favorite flower!)

  6. I think I'll being trying the batter for pancakes tomorrow morning, thanks for sharing!

  7. Thank you for the recipe! And I'm praying for your son and all the others on the front lines...xoxo

  8. You and your family are in my thoughts, dear Carla, stay safe! The recipe looks delicious.

  9. Hugs, Carla. Maybe we'll meet in person before then, but if not it will be fun to meet you in June 2021. :) (Those donuts look so tasty!)

  10. I'm so proud of your son serving in the National Guard....what great work he is doing at this time of need. I will be glad when I can get enough flour to bake again. I'm saving what I have to make homemade pizza. It was on the grocery list...but was already off the shelves by the time we shopped. (something to look forward too!) Take care and stay safe!

  11. Prayers for Sam. I so admire all those on the front lines. Whether it's first responders, or the cashier at the grocers. They are serving all of us during this difficult time. It makes me think about how things were for people during WWII when food was rationed and people planted victory gardens, and sacrificed so much for our country. I wonder if there will be more vegetable gardens this year. Nice to think that might happen. A positive, for sure. Hugs, Nancy

  12. God Bless your SON! Thank you and IM praying for you and hIM!


High Fives from Wisconsin!