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Wednesday, January 25, 2023

My Word for 2023


Pretty -n- Pink, one of my bouquets from 2022.

Hello Friends,

Year 2022 my husband encouraged me to choose a word of the year. I decided on sunshine.


brightness or radiance 

cheerfulness or happiness

a source of cheer or happiness

I had a few words come to mind for me as I tried to narrow down my word for 2023. And some of you may be asking why even pick out a word for the year. For me the reason I did it was to check in during the year to see if I was spreading sunshine.

This year I have decided on truth.


agreement with reality: the eternal principle of right or the natural law of order: 

fidelity constancy

I want to be sure I am a person who is sharing truth. I am thankful that I have the opportunity to learn and research topics. I recently learned that when someone is demanding they know what is truth, smile and reply with, "that is interesting." Afterward you can research and decide if that something is true. 

In other words, think for yourself. 

During the course of 2022 I shared how I was spreading sunshine. I will do this again with truth.


How about you, did you decided on a word for 2023?






  1. I love your word choice. :D There are so many lying liars who lie that it's refreshing to know someone who cares about spreading truth. I'm proud to "know" you, My Friend!

  2. That is brilliant and a choice par excellence. It would be my choice as well. Being your true self is really living in reality. Too many people are wearing masks, I don't mean Covid masks.

    I've never chose a word for the year but years ago, after going through the St Ignatius Spiritual Exercise, I've made a conscious choice to try to live by the truth but it seems to be harder and harder to find true authentic people it seems, although I know a good many people who I would say live by the truth and I think you are one of them.

    One of my many motto is, "What you see is what you get"

    Wishing you a truthful year. Hugs,

  3. Beautiful.

    These are good words.

    Mine is watch.

  4. Truth with Sunshine! I love it!

  5. Your bouquet is gorgeous, I love what you did with the colors. Both of your words are so good. But your word should be BEAUTY, because that is what you spread, both on your blog and in your life. I have not thought about choosing a word.

  6. First...beautiful flowers. Truth is a god word for the year. I personally don't choose a word, but what I'd like is for our leaders to speak the TRUTH!..To dream the impossible dream, I know.

  7. Carla, I commend you on your excellent word choices for 2022 and 2023. I have always loved the word “sunshine”. I am a work in progress on so many levels this year. It’s daunting. Especially at my age.😐

  8. I like the idea of choosing a word, I just haven't done it. Truth is a good one. I especially like your "that's interesting" response rather than trying to convince someone that they don't have the truth...

  9. Great word, mine is Trust and Obey. I know that's two words but that's what God put on my heart.

  10. Think for yourself: good advice. And you picked a good word. Happy 2023!

  11. A great choice, Carla, and much needed in a world of fake news and false people. A hug.

  12. I join you in your word being Sunshine from 2022. We are so lacking that during the winter months and when we do have it come out it changes so much. My mood and energy go way up. I also like your new word of truth. Something we should all live by. Have a great day Carla. Hugs. Kris

  13. Lets hope others will spread truth around too! Great word to choose. Janice

  14. That's a good word and not one I've seen anyone else choose. You'll learn a lot this coming year. I haven't chosen a word but something will probable come to me at some point. I'm not stressing over it!

  15. You definitely spread sunshine Carla! Always a delight to come visit you and see your beautiful flowers! Truth is a wonderful word. I think of what Jesus said - I am the way, the truth, and the light. There is sunshine (light) and truth all in One! Blessings to you dear friend!

  16. That is a great word. I have not picked out a word for this year as yet.

  17. Carla, that is one of the most special and important words. You chose a very good one this year. There are different sides to every story, so sometimes we need to do some research. And even info out there is not always correct, so it's good to think for ourselves, as you said. You are a wise, wonderful, and special lady, Carla. I smiled at your word today. : )


  18. Hi, here from Amalia 'place.

    I really loved the heading images, how serene and Captivating.

    I like living near stream or river. My nati tow had beau stream flowing and hills but this city has canal which has muddy water unli our stream.
    I specially loved the poem ab River at sideb.
    Enjoyed it post as well.
    Truth in New perception of mo era varies from person to person but for Nature it is opposite Laws of nature are same for everybody and truth is only one for all equally. I found your love for truth and God touching and inspiring.

  19. I was remarking to TG just yesterday how scary it is that we actually believe a lot of things that are not true. Anything gleaned from the media, for example, or from the world at large ... people really don't want the truth, though. They want a VERSION of the truth that makes them comfortable. I am thankful for the absolute truth of the Word of God. Love you friend. xoxo


High Fives from Wisconsin!