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Friday, January 20, 2023

On The Road Friday ~ Snowshoeing at Crex Meadows

 Hello Friends,

It is Friday and it is time to hit the road. Today I am taking you to Crex Meadows Wildlife Area, Grantsburg, Wisconsin.

Saturday January 7th the sun was shining and we headed off to Crex Meadows.


We enjoyed the sun, snow and beauty of it all together.



We had a long stretch of cloudy days. When the sun comes out and makes diamonds on the snow you cannot help but smile.  



I was going along when I noticed something on the side of the trail. Everything is white and full of sparkle, then I see a patch of something dark.

Oh goodness! I have a feeling the trail groomer and this little fella had a collision.





Little Mouse of Crex Meadows



Into the Winter Wonderland we go snowshoeing.



 My blog friend Sheri asked what our snowshoes looked like and how we use them. The above photos are of my husband on his way into the Winter Wonderland.



 Another Snowshoe Kiss

In case you missed our New Year's Kiss click here to find it. 


Thank you for coming along with me today.





  1. A romantic ending to a beautiful snowshoeing adventure, but not so good for the little mouse. Thanks for sharing. I just had a thought how wonderful it would be snowshoeing under the full moon. I hope that you have many more snowshoeing adventures this winter.

  2. I like your kiss and the beautiful snowy landscape! That must be quite a work out to walk in the snow! Love the photos my friend. And I just have to say again...thank you for all of the encouragement you've given me these past couple of months. You are like a daughter to me! Hugs, Diane

  3. Fun snowshoe adventure. Happy Friday have a great weekend. xoxo Kris

  4. Kissy, Kissy! Y'all are so cute. You truly live in a winter wonderland! We rarely see snow, and when we do, it isn't fun, unfortunately. I enjoy seeing your snowland adventures!

  5. Poor little mouse. LOVE your last shot!

  6. I sure am glad you enjoy the cold and have fun in the winter weather! Wish I could enjoy it more! xo Diana

  7. A wonderful snowy landscape, but youzers on that much snow you have. Janice

  8. Aww very romantic. Must be quite a workout too.

  9. I never was any good with snowshoes!! My dad was tho!!
    Looks cold, but nice and sunny.

  10. Oh Carla, thank you so much for sharing these pictures of the snowshoeing. It looks like fun, and your photos of the snow are beautiful. Makes my heart sing. I know what you mean about when the sun comes out - it just came out for us yesterday, and the way it looks when it sparkles on the snow is so pretty, You have a winter wonderland there, and I love the shadow of your snowshoe kiss. : )


  11. I've never tried it, but it looks like fun! Love the shadow kiss photo. You should frame that one! xo

  12. Looks like fun. We haven't gone snowshoeing in years! (Poor little mouse.)

  13. That truly looks like a winter wonderland! What an adventure!

  14. It looks so beautiful. What a nice time you had. The snow is so pretty.

  15. Fun! Crex Meadows is a place Aunt Mary wants to take us when we visit :)


High Fives from Wisconsin!